The nternet real estate company collective experience winter O2O and burn mode why can not subvert

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more than and 700 days and nights, we fought all the way in the field of real estate O2O made a lot of attempts and innovation. But the macro environment of the capital of winter superposition industry, holding the company’s business operation, let us difficult. And after the shareholders and the management team and communication, we finally choose to give up hard decision."

December 26th, the original anjuke founder, a home founder Liang Weiping (micro-blog) in an internal e-mail sent to employees wrote these words, for following the live off its second entrepreneurial projects draw a reconciled to the end.

is not only anjuke, love and house, Ding Ding and some other attempts to subvert the traditional Internet real estate intermediary companies this year has also been involved in the winter capital and industry macro environment vortex.

from the first to the present like a raging fire, tepid, even frequent negative news, Internet real estate industry since 2014 is like stepping into a high speed on the fast lane, then experienced a sudden braking.

from the macro background, when the second-hand housing market as a result of policy reasons into the winter, want to subvert the traditional real estate Internet industry will face greater crisis?

startups are in trouble

encountered a case of home is not the Internet real estate industry, advertising has overwhelming Internet real estate intermediary platform lovehouse Kyrgyzstan Waterloo suffered at the end of this year.

news, Aiya Yoshiya backstage functional departments were 400 people, accounting for 20% of the total number of functional departments, equivalent to the number of employees of the company’s total number of 6%. This is a love house staff since 2014 the largest since the establishment of the adjustment.

time to return to a year ago, lovehouse rent won the second-hand housing transactions 1% low commission (Beijing area is usually 2.7%) and a large number of Internet advertising has become a star in the real estate intermediary, market share by leaps and bounds.


data show that Aiya Yoshiya in May 2015 the market share of 4.04%, second only to the Central Plains and the chain of home; in September of the same year, lovehouse rent second-hand housing transactions reached 2400 units, the chain of home when the number of transactions only more than 4 thousand sets.

, however, this growth did not last as long as they expected.

entered this year, the rapid decline in the market share of. According to the statistical data of third party cloud real information, the first half of 2016, lovehouse rent second-hand housing turnover is 3980 units, the market share of 2.09%, ranking seventh in Shanghai; home chain ranked first for the 25106 units, the market share of 13.17%. The data show that in October this year, the amount of rent lovehouse accounted for ranking has dropped to ninth, only 1.27%.


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