Millimeter technology to complete the pre A round of financing the capital of ether as exclusive fi

an umbrella like cloud like lamp body, according to the environmental regulation of different brightness and playing chamber music; even through a large number of sensor equipment, and actively adapt to the user’s habits, intelligent switch, sleep recognition etc.. All of this is a preliminary outline of the basic outline of smart home – a technology to create a "know you" life.

recently, the RoomeLight (intelligent music night light) research and development, focusing on Home Furnishing living space and intelligent control of the depth of human-computer interaction and machine learning "mm", successfully completed the pre-A round of financing; the current round of financing by the successful investment in "jackfruit" and "explore" the LB lead investor, and "keep" the investment side of Zehou investment capital with capital acted as exclusive financial advisor, ethernet. Before the company completed in September 2015 the angel round of financing, the investor is Beijing Rui Hua Qian’an capital.

smart home is about to erupt in the big market. According to statistics, from 2015 to 2019, the annual growth rate of global integration of smart home shipments of goods will reach 67%, is expected in 2019 there will be a total of CAGR products available. From the perspective of the capital market, the smart home of the track is long enough, the current manufacturers from different angles, the cumulative user behavior data is still relatively small, but also in the shallow excavation stage.


" technology to intelligent mm module embedded artificial intelligence software unique breakthrough, technical barriers, and through the rich fast cooperation can quickly be much covering a large number of household products, and can record the user’s daily life data; at the same time, "the core software technology of millimeter technology" the required hardware cost low brand products will not increase the burden of embedding, become more attractive to the consumer terminal. Currently, RoomeLight has a total sales of nearly 100 thousand units, which launched in December 2016 to raise the new public and the day of the standard, the 3 day has exceeded 300%.

according to the millimeter technology CEO Duan Junlei introduction, at present there are many international and domestic well-known home appliance brands in the communication with the brand to carry out strategic cooperation. The future, "mm technology" and the end B by the way of cooperation to cover a large number of products in the industry, to allow businesses to upgrade, at the same time a large number of outstanding brands through these products to reach as many people as possible, so as to cover a huge user. So a lot of user behavior data in machine learning to promote the product experience constantly upgrade, increase the users of products depends on the core competitiveness of science and technology; jointly promote mm in artificial intelligence, IOT and big data fields, forming a virtuous circle. "Like Intel, mm is the" HOMI Inside "of IOT and big data. "

Ethernet capital Zhou Zijing believes that smart appliances is a trend, has also attracted a lot of traditional household electrical appliance enterprises to varying degrees of intervention. However, the smart home is still in its infancy, the underlying technology and cost control still need to play in the track >

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