How to do a good job in the promotion of online recruitment website

as a website promotion we should also be updated with the update of the times, should not only use the network publicity, always send e-mail, group advertising, etc., these have no effect. We should do more accurate promotion – offline promotion.

line to promote some of the necessary things:

1 the most basic you should find advertising companies for their clothing or a printed advertising, there at least a advertising hat! What to write, I do not have to say, nature is to write your name and address of the website.

2 conditions can and do a banners to the front 2 case above nature is to write your name and address of the station, what to write on sites like cooperation.

3 rich please a few beautiful women put on your printed clothing with your advertising hat, holding you do it! The effect is absolutely good!

4 is really no money that is only their own hard point, and print some of their business cards! 10 dollars a box to do more concessions, their own hard point hair head office!

so what does it say about how to promote it? Do you go to the street and go to the park? Of course not the following:

the beginning we said the need to promote the accuracy, natural talent recruitment propaganda station should be in place of talents, but also should go to promotion in the recruitment of local talent, each place has a job market is not regularly held a job fair, this time to 4 points on the surface that we take the propaganda effect sure.

We can put

in the face of the recruitment send them some of our station data, or on their own initiative to help them to register and publish recruitment information, to achieve a certain popularity among them, as in the end how to do, here on your personal eloquence or personal charm; since it is now looking for a job recruitment people will not be less natural, is the huge crowds of people, this time we give him our station data (data can be as simple as just a name card on the line) do not remember a lot of hair, as a hair, hair when we told him the station is the largest recruitment website in this area, there are a lot of recruitment information, you can find it very convenient to check that they want to find a job, so when the recruitment information you can’t go wrong is your website entry number And authenticity. This allows you to become the first batch of candidates to become loyal visitors.

is actually so simple things, things do repeat and try to do, you can go to the job fair publicity, no money can carry out the above said fourth methods to do their hard points, if you can attend the local recruitment 1 50-100 loyal visitors, then you to such a different recruitment will be 10 games, 100 games, you will have many visitors a year down to


next thing you need to do in the absence of the promotion will be the time to do a good job of the contents of the station every day

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