How to minimize the number of Baidu PPC malicious clicks

Tianjin finished some customers in the Baidu PPC, many will ask a question, is malicious click and invalid clicks, although we can not avoid and prevent malicious clicks, but we can start to take measures to minimize the malicious click


1, keywords can not blindly pursue the first row, to find the right fulcrum to put the ranking position

At present, most of the

is on the position are malicious click serious position, these malicious click is likely to rival malicious click, or from the behavior of the agents, may also come from a search engine advertising alliance website and search firms own behavior. Because of the location of PPC are scarce resources, in order to grab the front position, and constantly improve the single keywords per click price, therefore, the top price is usually high, it is easy to become the object of fraudulent clicks, so we take more reasonable ranking, reduce malicious click, network that PPC position: stainless steel keep fit to the sixth in fourth, combined with their own situation and the marketing budget, choose the appropriate location, but at least we must ensure that the home page ranking in the bidding, to avoid a decline in traffic greatly.

2, select the more professional keywords

Each click

industry keyword prices are relatively high, the probability of the keyword click fraud, especially by rival malicious clicks generated by this is particularly serious, malicious click the cost of production is relatively high. Therefore, enterprises choose PPC services necessary to choose keywords of professional, professional search by keywords into the site, which is likely to be the real potential customers, the potential customers likely to become customers is very high, but the key relative price is much lower than the industry key, click fraud is a lot less, especially if the professional, this may not be malicious click keywords. By a single professional website keywords flow is relatively small, but the customer value very high gold content, can keep the site flow through the keywords selected professional, stainless steel pipe network: traffic flow analysis found 3~4 professional keywords is equivalent to 1 professional keywords in general.

3, the use of sub domain and intelligent matching

currently the mainstream search engine vendors are provided in the area of intelligent matching and auction. The enterprise according to the business scope and the choice of targeted regional delivery, we found flow analysis: there is a cross regional malicious click, because after all, the national counterparts are competing for the same position, so that there may be of national competition, this situation should be the prevailing situation, the the situation will be more competitors malicious click, so it is necessary to put the region selection. Intelligent match ranking is not a visitor through the key to the site to visit, but through the meaning of similar keywords to find information, which is also likely to be your potential customers >

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