The Rio Olympics were held for them Look at the brand marketing occasion

Rio Olympic games.

looked at it and thought it was "Rio Adventure 3" to be released. The Rio Olympics, is the life of Rio adventure. A variety of Tucao news head, like a wonderful adventure trailer. This gives me a more realistic look at the reality of the Rio adventure. At the same time, I also found an unknown secret.

The original

, the Rio Olympics is specially for these brands held? Read, you will understand the good intentions of it.

a, insurance

the world is too dangerous, only the safest insurance.

friends, I see you I see you Yintang black, eyes glazed, cleft tongue coke, soul and lax, recently have sworn revenge.

must see, far the Rio Olympics you are


before you go out, get an insurance. This one go, inevitably fraught with grim possibilities.

In addition to

Rio beach, Jesus hill, and during peaceful times there are people under the robbery, the Zika virus shiver all over though not cold.

unfortunately, this insurance is the midst of sadness. Insurance brand, advertising language I think for you.


two, adventure supplies

What are the

explorers waiting for?

Olympic costumes are waiting for you to help them. As long as your clothes can guarantee to do two points, the first heat resistance, second waterproof.

clothes must be able to resist the heat.

as a spokesman for the Rio Olympics, said: "I think this can reduce the air conditioning, the Olympic Games, Brazil is winter, air conditioning is not necessary."

is located in the tropics, with high temperature, winter temperature probably also 30. The machine will fail under the high temperature, the athlete will be hot enough to depend on you.

clothes must be waterproof.

because athletes live in dormitories will leak. This is not the focus of water pollution in Brazil has been very serious, serious to touch the water feel the whole people are not good enough.

I want to help you think about it.


three, TV

knowing that mountain tiger, undeterred by the


air conditioning at home even WIFI eat watermelon, turn on the TV to see Rio adventure more than and 3 good. It’s not a comedy movie. Why do you want to play a part.

no tropical, no looting, no virus, only immersive events.

this time, TV is like Rio

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