Discussion how to make Shanghai Longfeng novice website positioning

is divided into 2, the website service object

in the preliminary determination of a website localization, according to the corresponding keyword search, which has the same site? Site size? If you can really think of a everybody needs and no one direction, that is you, the probability of success is a great many. Of course, Ma Haixiang is not to say that there is.

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common type of site, probably belongs to commodity, consulting, news and so on. We must first site planning at the beginning, the end is to do what. So, on the direction of the index determination. In the construction site, you need to reflect the corresponding factors. This test is that the search engine spiders, to see whether it can smoothly be included in the database. Later, is the website update frequency snapshot, new content is fast to grab read more

Analysis in this paper how to seamlessly add keywords

how to use search tools? They are the same: type the words you want to search, return the list of results. Keywords payment tool returns more specific results, and free tools to return results in a more basic. If you find a keyword search there are a lot of people (at least once a month, 20000~30000 perfectly matched) can be incorporated into your keyword optimization strategy.

you may ask: "if my website cannot so frequently used keywords?" Some community theme or the promotion of innovative content sites that may be the case. You need to include the optimization of content related to your website a few. For example, if you run a "fan" website, you want to write an article on how to write with the Humanities (optimization keywords colleagues). Try to ask around, and view the log analysis, then establishes the keyword table. You can also write to people but not to let visitors interested in. read more