KA crossing lethal

first_imgOxford City Council has still not reviewed the junction outside the Kings Arms, despite the death of a student there in 2007.As a result, a motion for road safety outside the Kings Arms has been passed without opposition at this week’s OUSU council. It proposed an urgent review into the safety of the junction, and suggested a pedestrian crossing be installed, as well as road markings for cyclists.There is currently an online petition for the improvement of road user safety outside the Kings Arms, which has been signed by more than 680 people. The petition states that “Hundreds of road users every day have to double-guess each others actions and this can be fatal once again if someone is in a rush. The council must drop its excuses and act now.”The petition proposes an immediate installation of cyclist and pedestrian lights on the junction, as well as a new configuration of traffic lights sequence, which will ensure safety and peace of mind for all road users.The OUSU motion suggested that the petition should be promoted through local media in order to elicit action from the Council.It is also stated in the petition that the council spent time discussing with the university representatives ways of improving safety at the junction and decided on creating a space similar to the one in front of the Clarendon Centre, which would be incorporated into a major re-design of Broad Street.Leah Jesnick, a first-year at St Hugh’s student commented: “My friend almost got run over on that junction. It is very irresponsible of the Council to not have done anything about it.”Another student said “I always jump the lights in that junction. I know that it is dangerous but otherwise you have to wait for ages to be able to cross.”Oxford City Council released a statement which read, “Work to look at possible alterations for this junction is ongoing and the council is planning to go to a stakeholder consultation soon on an outline scheme, which includes removing traffic signals.”“The council has had to take into account Oxford University’s plans for major alterations to the Bodleian New Library on the north side of Broad Street to see how their plans will interact with ours.”There are also no provisions at the junction to assist people with disabilities.last_img read more

Other Sports NBA In India: Indiana Pacers Rout Sacramento Kings 130-106 In Second Friendly

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Other Sports News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Mumbai: With some breathtaking basketball on display, Indiana Pacers maintained their domination as they trounced Sacramento Kings 130-106 in the second pre-season friendly game between the two NBA sides on Saturday. The upcoming season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) commences on October 22.In the NBA debut in India, the Pacers had eked out a 132-131 victory against the Kings on Friday, but on Saturday it was altogether a different ball game and the Pacers had a comfortable outing, as they dominated all the four quarters in the match which was attended by Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju.The stars for the Pacers were Alize Johnson (17 points), Jakarr Sampson (15 points), Myles Turner (12 points), Jeremy Lamb (11 points) and Edmund Summer and Domantas Sabonis (both 10 points each).DJ Warren started the proceedings with a two-pointer for the Pacers and then collected a lone point, but Marwin Bagley’s jump and dump shots put the Kings slightly ahead as he grabbed back to back two-pointers. It was neck-to-neck then with Pacers 15-14 ahead with five minutes left in the opening quarter.A three-pointer by Marwin Bagley put the Kings 19-17 ahead, but soon the Pacers restored parity. But, the drinks break seemed to have rejuvenated the Kings as they tested the Pacers defence to move 28-23 ahead. And the Kings maintained a slender five-point lead — 30-25 — at the end of first quarter.With a quick-pointer, Sabonis reduced the gap to 27-30 for the Pacers with a cutting dunk shot. Two back-to back three-pointers by Pacers meant that both the teams were leveled at 33-33.However, from then, there was no looking back for Pacers as Aaron Holiday collected five points — a  three pointer followed by a basket — and was joined by Justin Holiday’s three-pointer as they were 46-37 ahead.It seemed that Aaron Holday, Justin Holiday and Edmon Summer were on song as they kept adding to their points as Pacers maintained 11-point lead at 55-44, going into another time-out.But two-consecutive three-pointers by D Demon and Buddy Hield brought the Kings back into the contest. However, Sampson and Summer kept collecting points for the Pacers with ease and Summer ended the second quarter with another breath-taking two-pointer as they lead 71-59.Kings started the third quarter with two consecutive three-pointers, but then completely lost the plot as Pacers players, particularly Turner and Sabonis, kept collecting points and their lead swelled to 80-69. Lamp, Sampson and Turner kept on adding to the team’s tally of three-pointers as the Pacers marched ahead with a 17 point lead going into the fourth quarter and were cruising at 96-79.And the fourth quarter was no different, and with lay-shots, dunks and jump shots, the Pacers maintained their lead as the Kings were always playing the catch-up game.Earlier, in the day, the Pacers and the Kings laid the foundation of a legacy project at a civic school here. They will support five schools with technology equipment, trained teachers, a basketball court and improved infrastructure facilities.NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo was present on the occasion. last_img read more

Local digest: Players commit, Huskies medal at MOC

first_imgSignings: Hunter SantscheArcata High’s Huner Santsche, a four-year varsity player for the school’s boys basketball team, signed a letter of intent to join the men’s basketball program at Sonoma State during a ceremony at the Vance Hotel, Sunday afternoon in Eureka.Santsche will join a Seawolves team which posted a 9-18 overall record last season. Sonoma State is a member of the California Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAA), the same conference which houses Humboldt State.The 6-foot-4 …last_img read more

Mystery Moon (and Meteorites, and Stars)

first_img(Visited 33 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 One would think astronomers would not be stumped in 2013 by common objects like the moon, meteors and stars.  But they are.  It’s driving them mad.Moon madness:  The  lunacy begins with Earth’s moon.  Here is a body man has walked on, and he still doesn’t understand it.  National Geographic discussed “The moon’s mystery,” dispensing with all three of the most popular origin theories that were demolished by the Apollo program.  It also dispensed with the currently-leading theory of a glancing blow collision, showing that Apollo samples discredit the idea of another mass with different composition leaving no trace.  Variations of the model all have their weaknesses, so the answer must be in the futureware:“The barn door is wide open, and now we have lots of ideas,” Asphaug said. “There probably will be another ‘aha’ moment in five years or so.”But for now, the moon holds on to its mystery.Natural History Magazine (5/13 issue, “Blue Moon” p. 7) corroborated the crisis, saying that the discovery that Earth and Moon share a similar composition works against the popular impact hypothesis: “Overall, the findings throw some big wrinkles into widely accepted theories of how wet the primordial Earth might have been, as well as just how the Moon was born.”Speaking of the moon, Space.com posted a handy guide to Earth’s moon, staying pretty much out of origin theories, only mentioning the impact model in one sentence without listing the problems.  Most of the article focuses on facts about the lunar orbit and the moon’s composition.Chondrule madness:  Chondrules are curious molten inclusions inside some meteorites that have defied explanation for decades.   “Blobs called chondrules in the fabric of rocks from space have long baffled scientists,” Richard A. Kerr wrote in Science Magazine.  “A new idea may shed light on their origins, but some experts have given up hope.”  He describes the pessimism at a recent conference:How would you like your decades of research on a field’s central problem to be summed up by the statement that “these objects remain as enigmatic as ever”? That was part of the title of a session on the formation of chondrules at the 75th annual Meteoritical Society meeting last year.For half a century, meteoriticists—scientists who study meteorites—have been trying to understand the origin of chondrules: once-molten, millimeter-size blobs of rock that a 19th century scientist called “drops of fiery rain.” Chondrules riddle 85% of the rocks that fall to Earth from the asteroid belt, so meteoriticists are deeply intrigued. And scientists have long presumed that the recipe for making the four rocky planets, including Earth, consisted largely or entirely of chondritic rock. They would like to know how their main ingredient came to be. Yet only two of last year’s 14 talks in that chondrule formation session directly addressed the topic, and both of them described a decades-old idea that has made little headway: chondrules splashing off colliding planetesimals.There is no “unifying paradigm,” and “the field of possible formation mechanisms has hardly been narrowed in decades.”  John Wood gave it up years ago and took up oil painting.  His student lamented, “However [chondrules] formed, they formed beyond our experience. How do you ever prove it?”  The only new idea sounds like a hard sell:But there may be reason for hope. A collaboration of astrophysicists and a meteoriticist has just floated a new mechanism: humongous “short circuits” in the still-forming solar system. All it has to do is run the gantlet of skeptical meteoriticists and astrophysicists.Alan Boss puts this idea on “the bottom of the list.”  Others are similarly skeptical.  No model has worked.  Nobody was there to see what happened.  One optimist placed his faith in futureware: “Sooner or later, someone’s going to come up with a mechanism that solves it all.”Star madness:  One would think that stars, the most plentiful objects astronomers can see, would be understood by now.  In “How did the universe get its stars? An astronomical puzzle,” Space.com shared the dirty secret that most star formation theories rely on previous generations of stars; they have no idea how the first generation of stars formed.  It’s a controversial question, and it’s an important one, an astronomer remarked.  Without original stars, you have no heavy elements, which theory says formed in stellar interiors.  Once again, the solution was sloughed off to some hopeful day in the future.We just thought you should know that textbooks bluff about these matters.  People need to know how real scientists feel.  They’re frustrated, some are worn out, some are ready to leave and take up oil painting.  At least that involves intelligent design.Say, if the “barn door is wide open,” why not let the Biblical creationists in?  They have an answer: the universe was created on Day One, and the stars and moon on Day Four.  That’s they ‘aha’ moment they need, if they just weren’t so closed minded to intelligent causes.last_img read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 available in India at Rs 41,500

first_imgSamsung Galaxy S III is now available with 32GB in-built memory capacity in India at a price of Rs 41,500 via Samsung’s eStore. So far, only the 16GB variant of Samsung Galaxy S III was available in the country. The 16GB S III was launched at Rs 42,500, but is now available for Rs 38,400 in the market.Samsung recently announced a 64GB variant of the S III as well, but no price or India launch date of the device was mentioned. It may noted that Samsung on its official Facebook page had announced “Samsung Galaxy S III is now available with 32GB in-built memory capacity.” The Samsung Galaxy S III is successor to the Samsung Galaxy S II, which was one of the most successful smartphones of 2011. The S III, which boasts of a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280x 720 pixels, runs on Google Android 4.0.4 OS. It is powered by the Exynos 4212 quad-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz with 1GB of RAM. The Samsung has also launched its London Olympics edition. The limited edition phone, which was introduced during the worldwide sporting event, featured four designs. The rear covers sport adorable designs of a soldier from the royal army, two designs of the British flag and a red and blue lion’s head. According to reports, the blue version of the phone features a union jack printed across the back of the phone. Both the white and blue Samsung Galaxy S3 phones incorporate the Olympic rings and the Team GB logo panel. The smartphone is made available exclusively at UK tech distributor Carphone Warehouse, which will start selling it on August 1. With Agency inputsadvertisementlast_img read more

Khaled Hosseini Visits Syrian Refugees In Iraq

first_imgBest-selling author and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Khaled Hosseini has called on the international community to do more to help the tens of thousands of Syrians living in camps or towns across northern Iraq while praising the resilience of refugees.Khaled Hosseini gets a bird’s eye view of Darashakran Refugee CampCredit/Copyright: UNHCR/B.SokolHosseini, a former Afghan refugee, made the appeal at the end of a three-day visit this week to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He said that while much had been done by the government and aid organizations to meet the basic needs of the 220,000 registered Syrian refugees in the north, “much more is still needed.”UNHCR has been supporting the government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government to coordinate the humanitarian response to the refugees’ protection and assistance needs. This includes the provision of registration and documentation, child protection, sexual and gender-based violence protection interventions, the provision of shelter, life-sustaining items and access to basic services, including legal and psycho-social support.Since first teaming up with UNHCR in 2006, Hosseini has visited his native Afghanistan in 2007, 2009 and 2010 and Chad in 2007. His Khaled Hosseini Foundation also supports UNHCR projects to provide employment and education opportunities and health care for women and children.“Everywhere I go, I am struck with the resilience of people,” said Hosseini. “This resonates with me and I feel some sense of kinship, some part of my own background, my own family story. I have always found something in common with them no matter how different our backgrounds are.”Read the full story here.Source:UNHCRlast_img read more