Pet projects last

first_imgLos Angeles Making America safer Re “General faces tougher questioning in Senate” (Sept. 12): General Petraeus doesn’t know if our Iraq strategy is “making America safer.” One Republican presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul, says it has made us less safe, and “our troops should just come home.We should take our marching orders from our Constitution. We should not go to war without a declaration” by Congress. We should remember this on Sept. 17, the 220th anniversary of the signing of our Constitution. Let’s stop the pre-emptive wars and loss of our liberties. If we don’t uphold the Constitution, the terrorists have definitely won. Re “Anti-gang tax moves closer to the ballot” (Sept. 13): The City Council is demonstrating its politically selfish practices to extort extra taxes from us. Clearly, this devious council refuses to allocate and spend our taxes in a sensible manner on essential services first and apply what remains for its pet political projects. Instead, it ravages the budget with pet expenditures and asks for higher taxes for essential service. Consider what may happen if these selfish politicians first spend on vital services such as police, road repairs and safety. After that, if they need more money for favorite political projects, vehicles for personal use (including the city attorney’s wife), travel, generous benefits for illegal immigrants and similar expenditures, they should place a tax initiative on the ballot. Clearly, this City Council has its priorities upside down. – Mort Arditti – Bruce K. Bell Moorpark Solution to violence? Re “Anti-war movement hits Los Angeles” (Sept. 16): I think Bill Rosendahl and the L.A. City Council should hire Opinion Research Business to conduct a survey similar to the one they conducted in Iraq and ask Los Angelenos how many family members they have lost due to violence in the past four years. I am sure the findings would be similar. So, my question to Rosendahl is this: Should we pull our police out of the gang-infested areas of the city? Based on your logic, we should just withdraw our police force and let the gangs kill each other. Is this your solution to violence? – Donna Connolly Sherman Oaks International license When we went to Europe, we applied for an international driver’s license before we left. This license was recognized everywhere and we could drive legally in any country we visited. I think that the undocumented should convert the driver’s licenses issued to them by their native countries to an international license before they depart for the United States. At least this would allow them to drive legally, prevent their cars from being impounded; they would also be able to purchase auto insurance and everyone would be more safe. – Don Kerian Sherman Oaks Go figure We are told by people who believe in global warming that humans are causing the warming. Perhaps they can explain the following: From about years 800 to 1300, we had the Medieval Warm Period in which Earth was as hot or hotter than it is today. This was followed by the colder Little Ice Age from about 1550 to 1850. In 1300, less than 500 million people lived on Earth. In 1850, world population was more than 1 billion people. So how did twice as many people cause our Earth to cool? The only logical explanation is that humans are not responsible for our weather. Nature is. – Dominick Odorizzi Porter Ranch Too tall Re “San Francisco eyes tallest skyscraper” (Sept. 16): It was stated by Gabriel Metcalf, the executive director of the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association, that this proposed Transbay Terminal Tower “is a statement that our highest value is ecology.” As director, he has his values confused. Does ecology outweigh logic? The proposed site is on unstable soil in the downtown S.F. area. In addition, S.F. is sitting on the San Andreas Fault and is relatively close to a major subduction zone capable of earthquakes in excess of 9.0. Both faults are overdue. Hopefully the planners, real estate agents and sociologists who defined their trust in recent engineering advances against nature’s forces, will take offices on the top floors to prove their point. – Joel Greenman Woodland Hills160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more