Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Pleads Ignorance In ‘Stairway To Heaven’ Plagiarism Lawsuit

first_imgWhile Led Zeppelin has endured a powerful legacy among classic rockers, one sharp criticism of the band is their unfortunate penchant for stealing songs. So much so, in fact, that we wrote an in-depth feature with a track by track analysis to determine the extent of the problem.However, one song gave us pause in the article: “Stairway To Heaven.” Easily the band’s most iconic song, “Stairway” came under fire when the band Spirit accused them of ripping it off from their 1968 original, “Taurus.” Led Zeppelin IV, featuring “Stairway,” was released in 1971.Currently, the plagiarism case is in the courts, and guitarist Jimmy Page recently made something a definitive statement on the matter. As The Hollywood Reporter shares, Page denied ever hearing the “Taurus” song until 2014.“I had not previously seen it in my collection and do not know how or when it got there,” states Page. “It may well have been left by a guest. I doubt it was there for long, since I never noticed it before. But, again, I know I did not hear Taurus until 2014.”The band’s main argument can be read here: “The similarity between ‘Taurus’ and ‘Stairway’ is limited to a descending chromatic scale of pitches resulting from ‘broken’ chords or arpeggios and which is so common in music it is called a minor line cliché… There is no substantial similarity in the works’ structures, which are markedly different. Neither is there any harmonic or melodic similarity beyond the unprotected descending line. Rather, straining to find something, the plaintiff’s expert argues that ‘Stairway’ and recordings of ‘Taurus’ have only five of the six chords in a centuries-old work — part of public domain material is still public domain material — and that both have the unprotected sequence of notes in a minor scale, A, B and C.”Meanwhile, Spirit is arguing that they performed with Led Zeppelin on a number of occasions, thus providing ample time for the band to morph “Taurus” into “Stairway To Heaven.”You can listen to both songs and compare for yourself, below:last_img read more

Manufacturing & Industrial Automation Lead The Way

first_imgI’m always surprised that some people think of manufacturing as stodgy, old school and slow to change – in my view, nothing could be further from the truth! All the evidence shows that the manufacturing industry has consistently led the way from mechanical production, powered by steam in the 18th century, to mass production in the 19th century, followed by 20th century automated production.The data center merging with the factory floorFast forward to today. The fourth industrial revolution is well underway, driven by IoT, edge computing, cloud and big data. And once again, manufacturers are at the forefront of intelligent production, leading the way in adopting technologies like augmented reality, 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud-based supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) plus programmable automation controllers (PACs). Watch the video below that addresses how manufacturers are changing to embrace Industry 4.0.In fact, I always visualize the fourth industrial revolution, otherwise known as Industry 4.0, as the data center merging with the factory floor, where you have the perfect blend of information and operational technology working together in tandem. Let’s look at a couple of examples.Helping monitor and manage industrial equipmentOne of our customers, Emerson, a fast-growing Missouri-based company with more than 200 manufacturing locations worldwide, provides automation technology for thousands of chemical, power, and oil & gas organizations around the world. Today, Emerson customers are demanding more than just reliable control valves. They need help performing predictive maintenance on those valves.To address these needs, Emerson worked with Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions to develop and deploy an industrial automation solution that collects IoT data to help its customers better monitor, manage and troubleshoot critical industrial equipment. With our support, Emerson successfully developed a new wireless-valve monitoring solution and brought it to market faster than the competition. This is just the first step in what Emerson sees as a bigger journey to transform services across its entire business. You can read more about our work together here.Bringing AI to the supply chain to reduce waste and energyMeanwhile, San-Francisco based Noodle.ai has partnered with us to deliver the world’s first “Enterprise AI” data platform for manufacturing and supply chain projects.This solution allows customers to anticipate and plan for the variables affecting business operations, including product quality, maintenance, downtime, costs, inventory and flow. Using AI, they can mitigate issues before they happen, solve predictive challenges, reduce waste and material defects as well as cutting the energy required to create new products.For example, one end-customer, a $2 billion specialty steel manufacturer, needed to increase profit per mill hour, meet increasing demand for high quality steel at predictable times, and reduce the amount of energy consumed. Using the “Enterprise AI” data platform, the customer reported $80 million savings via reduced energy costs, freight costs, scrapped product, and raw material input costs.Helping design innovative and secure voting technologyYet, another customer, Democracy Live wanted to deliver a secure, flexible, off-the-shelf balloting device that would make voting accessible to persons with disabilities and that could replace outdated, proprietary and expensive voting machines.After a comprehensive review of vendors and products, Democracy Live asked us to design a standardized voting tablet and software image. Our Dell Latitude solution complete with Intel processors and pre-loaded with Democracy Live software and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system provides strong security and advanced encryption.And the good news for Democracy Live that we take all the headaches away by managing the entire integration process, including delivery to end-users. The result? Secure, accessible voting with up to 50 percent savings compared with the cost of proprietary voting machines. Read what Democracy Live has to say about our collaboration here.Change is constantMeanwhile, the revolution continues. Did you know that, according to IDC, by the end of this year 60 percent of plant workers at G2000 manufacturers will work alongside robotics, while 50 percent of manufacturing supply chains will have an in-house or outsourced capability for direct-to-consumption shipments and home delivery? More details available here.Unlock the power of your dataDon’t get left behind! Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions is here to help you move through the digital transformation journey, solve your business challenges and work with you to re-design your processes. We can help you use IoT and embedded technologies to connect machines, unlock the power of your data, and improve efficiency and quality on the factory floor.And don’t forget we offer the broadest range of ruggedized and industrial grade products, designed for the most challenging environments, including servers, edge computing, laptops and tablets. We’d love to hear from you – contact us here and do stay in touch.Learn more about our work in industrial automation at Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions.Follow us on Twitter @delltechoem and @RonAtDell.Join our LinkedIn Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions Showcase page.last_img read more

Stock market today, e-commerce stock Stamps.com to rally higher

first_imgNot so fast, says Mark Tepper, president of Strategic Wealth Partners: Some stay-at-home stocks that rocketed higher this year could still have legs.“Investors are realizing … we’ve experienced some structural changes in our lives and in our economy and we’re never going to go back 100% to the way we were in 2019. So, I would actually be looking at this as a buy-the-dip opportunity on all the stocks that were working this year,” Tepper told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Tuesday.Tepper is betting on one e-retail play that could continue to outperform.- Advertisement – “The company that I have the most conviction in right here, right now is Stamps.com, because e-commerce, that’s not going anywhere. And this is really our derivative play on e-commerce. It’s basically Amazon for your mom-and-pop small businesses, not just shipping but also warehouse solutions as well, so I think right now you’ve got to buy the dip,” said Tepper.Stamps.com has rallied 121% this year, one of the top performers in the XRT retail ETF.Todd Gordon, founder of TradingAnalysis.com, instead sees opportunity in the banking stocks.- Advertisement – “Interesting potential breakout here in Morgan, plus it’s yielding 2.5%, so I’ll just go there for now,” said Gordon.Disclosure: Strategic Wealth Partners holds shares of Stamps.com.Disclaimer – Advertisement –center_img “We’re seeing a move higher in yield — pretty impressive back up in yields — helping banks, especially regional banks, plus we’re seeing a higher regime in the VIX, and keep in mind we’re coming off like a decade low in like a 12/13/14 VIX, we’re settling in 20/25/30, and investors know they need help … from professional money managers,” Gordon said during the same “Trading Nation” segment.In particular, Gordon is eyeing Morgan Stanley for a move higher — he noted that the break above its long-term trend line stretching back to 2000 looks promising. A great rotation in the market is underway.Cyclical recovery stocks such as Boeing have outperformed this week, while names that outperformed during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, such as Amazon, have fallen. Renewed hopes that the U.S. might turn the corner in the Covid crisis soon have buoyed markets.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Former receiver accused of domestic violence

first_imgFormer USC wide receiver Victor Blackwell was identified as the student detained and arrested by the Dept. of Public Safety on Wednesday night in a domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend, according to the Los Angeles Times. Blackwell was detained and arrested by DPS before being transported to Los Angeles Police Dept.’s 77th Street Division station for booking, where he was held on $50,000 bail.Arrested and charged · Victor Blackwell, a former wide receiver, was accused of beating his girlfriend and destroying her property. – Ralf Cheung | Daily TrojanAccording to DPS’s Daily Incident Log, the incident took place in the University Gateway apartments. The victim told DPS that she was punched in the face multiple times and that when she attempted to escape into her room, Blackwell punched holes in the door. The victim also reported to authorities that Blackwell had destroyed her laptop computer and cell phone, in addition to throwing a chair at her.Prior to joining USC’s football team, Blackwell attended Santa Ana Mater Dei High School with current freshman cornerback Jonathan Lockett. Blackwell had 54 yards and three receptions in USC’s victory over Fresno State on Aug. 30, but the Cerritos, California, native was reportedly unhappy with his lack of playing time, according to a Sept. 23 interview with Inside USC’s Scott Wolf and head coach Steve Sarkisian.“He’s frustrated with his playing time, and we’re a little frustrated with his commitment to the program,” Sarkisian told Wolf.Blackwell sat out USC’s win over Stanford and loss at Boston College, and had not shown up to a single practice after the team returned from Boston. After not hearing from Blackwell for almost a month, Sarkisian announced Blackwell’s dismissal from the team last Thursday.last_img read more