Trans-equatorial migration, staging sites and wintering area of Sabine’s Gulls Larus sabini in the Atlantic Ocean

first_imgThe migrations and winter distributions of most seabirds, particularly small pelagic species, remain poorly understood despite their potential as indicators of marine ecosystem health. Here we report the use of miniature archival light loggers (geolocators) to trackthe annual migration of Sabine’s Gull Larus sabini, a small (c. 200 g) Arctic-breeding larid. We describe their migratory routes and identify previously unknown staging sites in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as their main Atlantic wintering area in the southern hemisphere. Sabine’s Gulls breeding in northeast Greenland displayed an average annualmigration of almost 32 000 km (n = 6), with the longest return journey spanning close to 39 000 km (not including local movements at staging sites or within the winteringarea). On their southern migration, they spent an average of 45 days in the Bay of Biscay and Iberian Sea, off the coasts of France, Spain and Portugal. They all wintered in closeassociation with the cold waters of the Benguela Upwelling, spending an average of 152 days in that area. On their return north, Sabine’s Gulls staged off the west African coast (Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal), spending on average 19 days at this site. This leg of migration was particularly rapid, birds travelling an average of 813 km⁄ day, assisted by the prevailing winds. Sabine’s Gulls generally followed a similar path on their outbound and return migrations, and did not exhibit the broad figure-of-eight pattern (anti clockwise in the southern hemisphere and clockwise in the northern hemisphere) seen inother trans-equatorial seabirds in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.last_img read more

Confirmation of EMIC wave driven relativistic electron precipitation

first_imgElectromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves are believed to be an important source of pitch angle scattering driven relativistic electron loss from the radiation belts. To date, investigations of this precipitation have been largely theoretical in nature, limited to calculations of precipitation characteristics based on wave observations and small-scale studies. Large-scale investigation of EMIC wave-driven electron precipitation has been hindered by a lack of combined wave and precipitation measurements. Analysis of electron flux data from the POES (Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellites) spacecraft has been suggested as a means of investigating EMIC wave-driven electron precipitation characteristics, using a precipitation signature particular to EMIC waves. Until now the lack of supporting wave measurements for these POES-detected precipitation events has resulted in uncertainty regarding the driver of the precipitation. In this paper we complete a statistical study comparing POES precipitation measurements with wave data from several ground-based search coil magnetometers; we further present a case study examining the global nature of this precipitation. We show that a significant proportion of the precipitation events correspond with EMIC wave detections on the ground; for precipitation events that occur directly over the magnetometers, this detection rate can be as high as 90%. Our results demonstrate that the precipitation region is often stationary in magnetic local time, narrow in L, and close to the expected plasmapause position. Predominantly, the precipitation is associated with helium band rising tone Pc1 waves on the ground. The success of this study proves the viability of POES precipitation data for investigating EMIC wave-driven electron precipitation.last_img read more

Indigenous leaders call for an end to new Amazon oil drilling and mining

first_imgWhat is COP25?The COP25 climate talks in Madrid began on 2 December and end this Friday, with activists from all over the world travelling to discuss their environmental concerns at the UN’s Framework Convention.The meeting was originally scheduled to take place in Chile, but political unrest in Santiago led to the change in venue.Teenage activist Greta Thunberg joined a march with 500,000 campaigners in the Spanish capital on Friday, calling for world leaders to listen.A report on the world’s “carbon budget” was published earlier last week, revealing that greenhouse gas emissions rose by 0.6%, which is less than previous years but still not enough to meet the Paris Agreement goals.At the event, it has been discussed what governments have, or haven’t done over the past year to contribute to a greener economy, as well as updates from ocean campaigners on the fight to clean-up marine life. Greenpeace response to the planned expansionHead of Greenpeace UK’s climate emergency campaign, Rosie Rogers, said: “We will all pay for the expansion of oil production in the upper Amazon.“This short-sighted plan will come with devastating consequences for the climate, and world leaders should listen carefully to the indigenous leaders confronting them in Madrid.“Without a decision to ban this drilling, they will be the canaries in the global coal mine.“It’s already open season in the Amazon, with this year’s Bolsonaro-backed fires burning huge swathes of the most biodiverse terrestrial ecosystem to the ground for farmland.“If Ecuador and Peru do give the green light to oil barons, it leaves little hope for the rainforest, its wildlife and the people that call it home, not to mention tackling the climate emergency.”Amazon Watch says deforestation promoted by the advance of industrial development could lead to the additional emission of four billion tonnes of carbon (Credit: Flickr/Jami Dwyer) Why the indigenous leaders challenged an increase in oil and mining operationsThe region in question, known as the Sacred Headwaters, is synonymous with its biological and cultural diversity, with more than 500,000 inhabitants from more than 20 nationalities – some of which are uncontacted.Spanning across 30 million hectares of land within Ecuador and Peru, the area has an estimated five billion barrels of untapped oil reserves, which Amazon Watch says is the equivalent to avoiding over two billion metric tonnes of CO2.The Amazon Rainforest runs through several countries, including Ecuador and Peru (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)The report added that deforestation promoted by the advance of industrial development could lead to the additional emission of four billion tonnes of carbon.It highlights that the world must begin a rapid phase-out of fossil fuel production and keep oil in the ground to have a chance of meeting the 2015 Paris Agreement target goal of restricting global temperature rise to 1.5C.Peru’s Wampis Nation president, Wrays Perez, said: “It is absurd that all these countries come to talk about stopping climate change while at the same time forcing new oil drilling in our territories, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.” The area at threat from a “huge” expansion of operations is home to more than 500,000 inhabitants from more than 20 nationalitiescenter_img China’s impact on the potential expansionAmazon Watch claims 27 oil blocks pose a threat to the region and that companies from Chile, the original host of COP25, and China, the host of next year’s conference on biodiversity, threaten the future of the Amazon.Ecuador is set to leave the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) oil consortium next year, allowing it to boost its oil production and settle financial debts with China.Amazon Watch climate and energy director Kevin Koenig said: “Our investigation shows that a massive portion of the existing and expanded crude oil production is being used to pay off billions in loans to China.“It is a country with a stated ambition to advance an ecological civilization, and that over 50% of the crude oil from the Western Amazon goes to California’s refineries, a state that prides itself as a climate leader.” Tyson Miller,’s forest program director, said: ‘It’s time for European banks to play a responsible and constructive role in advancing life over profits’ (Credit: Flickr/Julien Gomba) Indigenous leaders have called for global support to prevent new oil drilling and mining operations in the Amazon, following a report revealing plans for a “huge” expansion.The Amazon Headwaters: Territories for life Under Threat, report compiled by California-based Amazon Watch, which aims to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of indigenous people, revealed that Ecuador and Peru are set to sanction oil extraction across an area of forest the size of Italy.In response, indigenous leaders from the South American countries have travelled to the UN’s COP25 climate change conference in Madrid to challenge the expansion of such operations in the Amazon.Marlon Vargas, president of the confederation of indigenous nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONFENIAE), said: “Enough is enough. For decades we have made it clear that we don’t want drilling and mining in our territories.“Now western science shows that it is not just fossil fuel emissions, but also the forest destruction that comes with it.“With less than a decade to stop climate change, we need to draw a line and decide what the price is we are willing to pay for some barrels of oil.”last_img read more

Leading property industry high flyer joins the gentry (and a £315m fortune)

first_imgHome » News » Agencies & People » Leading property industry high flyer joins the gentry (and a £315m fortune) previous nextAgencies & PeopleLeading property industry high flyer joins the gentry (and a £315m fortune)34-year-old Lucy Yorke-Long has married the Marquess of Worcester at a Covid-restricted wedding at his family seat, Badminton.Nigel Lewis3rd September 202001,794 Views Lucy Yorke-Long, a high-profile prime London estate agent, has joined the upper echelons of the gentry after marrying the Marquess of Worcester.The 34-year-old high flier, who currently works for upmarket interiors and property development firm Finchatton, started her career in financial PR before joining Chelsea boutique estate agency Maskells and then VanHan, which specialises in selling London property to Ultra High Net Worth buyers.While working there she sold property worth £200m in just a few years.Yorke-Long then set up her own property consultancy in January 2018 before joining Finchatton in August last year.Although her own family gets a mention in Debretts, she is joining a much more blue-blooded set.52,000 acresThe Marquess of Worcester’s father is ‘Bunter’, the 12th Duke of Beaufort who family seat is the 52,000 acre Badminton House estate in Gloucestershire, which is famous for its horse trials.It is there that the happy couple tied the knot over the Bank Holiday weekend, it has been revealed by the Daily Mail.Described as a ‘pared back affair’ due to Covid restrictions on gatherings, it still involved a fair amount of glamour which, in today’s social media world, was communicated to the world via Instagram.After the ceremony Lucy and her husband Bobby Worcester changed into riding outfits and cantered off to their honeymoon.But the need to work in the property industry for a living may have dulled for Yorke-Long – her new husband is due to inherit his father’s £315 million fortune.Marquess of Worcester Lucy Younge-York Finchatton Maskells September 3, 2020Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021last_img read more


first_imgAny comments posted in this column do not represent the views or opinions of the City-County Observer or our advertisers. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way? IS IT TRUE that we are told by several credible sources that current 3rd Ward City Councilman G. John Hayden, CPA will not be a candidate for City Council in the 2019 election?  …with the blessing of the Republican party officials, the former Democratic  County Commissioner, and 3rd Ward City Councilman Steve Melcher shall be running for Mr. Hayden’s seat as a Republican?IS IT TRUE we are told that all eyes will be on 2nd Ward Democratic City Councilwoman Missy Mosby when members of the Evansville City Council vote on who will be the next City Council attorney?  …we been told that Ms. Mosby is postured to vote to retain the services of the current City Council attorney Josh Clayborn a Republican from Newburgh?  …we are told if Ms. Mosby vote to retain the services of Newburgh Republican Josh Clayborn it will become a campaign issue in the Democratic primary race in the 2019 Council election?IS IT TRUE we are told by several of our Republican buddies that the Winnecke for Mayor committee is going to spend a lot of time and money time to help elect Republican candidates to take control of City Council in 2019?IS IT TRUE we are told that the Democrats have an impressive individual that is considering running for the 1st Ward seat?  …we are told he will announce his intentions right after Christmas? …if he decides to run for the 1st Ward seat we are told that his chances of winning that seat are very good?IS IT TRUE we are told that the chances of businesswoman and political activist Amy Word-Smith making a decision on running for the At-Large City Council will not occur seat until after January 15, 2019?IS IT TRUE that the future success of the Democratic Party of Vanderburgh County is in the hands of Sheriff Dave Wedding, County Commissioners Ben Shoulders and Jeff Hatfield, State Representative Ryan Hatfield, and Party Chairmen Scott Danks?  … it’s time that they have a strategy meeting to determine how they are going to stop the “Winnecke For Mayor” political machine from taking over the City Government?IS IT TRUE we are told that the Democratic Party Mayoral candidate shouldn’t expect local trade unions to provide him with a big influx of money to help him to offset campaign expenses?IS IT TRUE it looks like our Vanderburgh County elected officials are backing down on a funding request to do a $40 million jail expansion project?  …it looks like the jail expansion money request will be between $24 to $28 million dollars?IS IT TRUE that the taxpayers were told that once the Downtown Medical School got up and running there will be a large influx of people making arrangements to stay at the new Downtown Doubletree Hotel?  …..we are waiting to see when this projection will come true?IS IT TRUE that the taxpayers were told that once the Downtown Medical School got up and running there will be a large influx of medical student, support staff moving in apartments and condos in the downtown area?  …we are waiting to see when this projection will come true?IS IT TRUE that the taxpayers were told when the $18 million renovations of the North Main Street corridor project was completed it would create a large influx of new businesses locating there?  ….we are waiting to see when this projection will come true?IS IT TRUE it’s obvious that the West Franklin Street business leaders have their act together?  …all you have to do is drive down the West Franklin Street area during the evening time you will experience a nice yuletide atmosphere?  …the Westside Franklin Street business group has successfully marketed their area without any public assistance?IS IT TRUE that some of the employees working for the OLD NATIONAL BANk Events Center feel that they should be treated better by the management?Todays“Readers Poll” question is: Do you think that the Republicans can take control of City Council in the 2019 City election?If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us at City-County [email protected]: City-County Observer Comment Policy. Be kind to people. No personal attacks or harassment will not be tolerated and shall be removed from our site.We understand that sometimes people don’t always agree and discussions may become a little heated.  The use of offensive language, insults against commenters will not be tolerated and will be removed from our site.last_img read more

New seed firm claims to shorten supply chain

first_imgA new company has been set up, which sources high-quality seeds for the baking industry.Unicorn Ingredients, run by Frank Horan and Nicola Divers, who each have approximately 20 years’ experience sourcing seeds and pulses, can source from around the world and arrange processing and shipping to suit individual customers’ needs.Targeting ingredients suppliers, plant bakers, speciality bread suppliers and wholesale distribution companies, Unicorn supplies ready-to-use finished products to grades required, and packaged as per customer needs.Based in Epsom, Surrey, Unicorn’s Frank Horan, who formerly worked for seeds supplier Fuerst Day Lawson, told British Baker: “Growth in the bread market is almost entirely driven by loaves with added seeds and grains.”When commodity prices and currencies are highly volatile, bakers need to be able to rely on supply and price levels.”Horan added: “We have shortened the supply chain, working with the original processor to meet customers’ requirements. All companies we work with have the necessary accreditation.”Seeds that Unicorn sources include poppy, pumpkin, sunflower, golden and brown linseeds, and sesame. The firm has also launched a website: [].—-=== In Short ===== Costello’s revamped ==Costello’s Bakery in Driffield, Yorkshire, has reopened following a £9,000 refurbishment. Previous winners of the Gold Great Taste Award, the family-run craft bakery set up shop in Market Place 10 years ago. Costello’s produces hand-raised pies, as well as quiches, traybakes and cakes.== Heinz gets Heinzsight ==Heinz Foodservice has launched a new online resource tool, Heinzsight, aimed at helping catering companies fully realise their profitability. Heinzsight will aim to match the most suitable products to meet individual businesses’ requirements, as well as providing insight and recommendations in order to help businesses understand more about their customers and be as profitable as possible.== Game, set and match ==Danone Waters has started a five-year tenure as Official Bottled Water of The Championships, Wimbledon. Its Evian brand will be present at all matches, with reinvented packaging for the season: the Evian Mountains will be temporarily placed on a vibrant pink tennis ball.== Breadhead attempt ==A man has broken the world record for balancing the most bread on his head at Ilkeston Market Place in Derbyshire. John Evans carried 300 loaves on his bonce to break the record, in a bid to raise money for the Derbyshire Association for the Blind.== Delivery ban ==A Blackburn-based naan bread bakery owner is outraged at the council’s decision to ban vehicles unloading outside his shop. Kashif Ali fears the move will cripple his business, as lorries that regularly deliver two-and-a-half tonnes of flour to his premises are refusing to park outside.last_img read more

News story: New programme launched for armed forces personnel seriously wounded in conflict

first_imgA new package of support for seriously wounded armed forces personnel has been launched.The joint agreement between the MOD and NHS England, developed with the Department of Health and Social Care, will ensure that individuals with very complex and enduring healthcare requirements transitioning out of the military into civilian life will continue to receive comprehensive support.The new approach will benefit individuals such as Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, who was severely injured in Afghanistan. Ben has been medically discharged from the Army, following agreement with his family that his care needs would continue to be met in civilian life.Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, said: Available in England, the new ICP4V framework will provide personalised care for armed forces personnel who have complex and enduring healthcare requirements that have resulted from injury whilst in service. This is part of the expansion of support for all veterans and their families as they transition out of the armed forces under the NHS Long Term Plan.Health Secretary, Matt Hancock said: As well as the establishment of the new framework, known as Armed Forces personnel in transition, Integrated Personal Commissioning for Veterans (IPC4V), the MOD will now provide extra funding to a very small number of individuals injured in service, and Armed Forces Compensation Scheme recipients who require 24 hour, one to one care from a trained individual.The funding, which has currently been set as £24,000 per year, for life, can be spent on health and wellbeing activities which are above those already provided by statutory services to enable a better quality of life for this small number of individuals.Minister for Defence People and Veterans Tobias Ellwood said: Personalised care and support planning starting before they have been discharged from the Armed Forces, drawing together the appropriate health and social care specialists, the MOD, local commissioners and military charities. Jointly developed between the MOD, NHS England, service charities including Blesma, the Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes, and local authorities, as well as with patients and their families, IPC4V provides a framework for effectively planning and delivering personalised care in line with the health commitments of the Armed Forces Covenant. This will now start around nine months before personnel are due to leave the military.In particular, individuals will benefit from the following: It’s right that we do everything we can to support those service personnel who have been severely wounded while serving our country. This new framework will ease the transition into civilian life for the small number of military personnel who have been badly injured. The joint approach between the MOD, the NHS, and local authorities to provide this comprehensive care demonstrates the Armed Forces Covenant in action. Ongoing support to help ensure that they are an active participant in the planning and management of their own health and wellbeing, with outcomes and solutions having meaning and context within their life.center_img Since its launch April 2017, over 6,000 ex-service personnel have been helped to settle back into civilian life through NHS’ ‘Transition, Intervention and Liaison’ service, (TILS). Several trusts have been accredited as ‘Veteran Aware’, which means veterans will be cared for by staff who have been trained on how to treat their specific needs, and can refer them to their local support services. Ben has given a lot for this country and I’d like to thank him and his family for all they have done throughout this process. We have now agreed a package of support for Ben, to ensure that he gets the right care as he leaves the Army and moves into civilian life. This new support package will also benefit other serving personnel who have been seriously injured. A single integrated personalised care and support plan for all their health and wellbeing needs, including the option of a personal budget, personal health budget or integrated personal budget for all or part of their care. A dedicated Veterans Welfare Manager, employed by the MOD who will be a central point of contact for the individual and all involved organisations. The Veterans Welfare Manager will provide a range of support, including ‘guided conversations’ to help the individual identify goals and actions and explore the management of their health and wellbeing within the context of their whole life and family situation. They will also make connections to community based resources, including veteran specific organisations, facilitate appropriate referrals back into health or social care and arrange at a minimum an annual review of the individual’s care with them and each involved organisation and will have the ability to escalate any concerns in to the Ministry of Defence. We owe enormous gratitude to the brave men and women of our armed forces, like Ben, who have risked their lives for our safety and security. Their health and wellbeing must be our priority and we have a duty to provide excellent specialist care no matter what their physical or mental health needs. The NHS is there for all of us when we need it most and this new package of support, delivered as part of our Long Term Plan for the NHS, will provide the ongoing care which our veterans deserve. Those who bravely serve our country deserve its full support, and in the NHS we are committed to playing our part. That’s why we’re now expanding the dedicated care for those who need it from highly skilled teams of NHS nurses, therapists and doctors.last_img read more

Tickets Now Available for Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra at the Public Theater

first_img Antony and Cleopatra features costumes and sets by Tom Piper, lighting design by Stephen Strawbridge, music composition by Michael Thurber and movement direction by Gelan Lambert. View Comments Tickets are now on sale for the radical new production of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra off-Broadway. Directed and revised by Tarell Alvin McCraney, the production is an international collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Miami’s GableStage and Ohio University. Starring Jonathan Cake and Joaquina Kalukango, the show will begin performances February 18 at The Public Theater and play a limited engagement through March 23. Antony and Cleopatra Joining Cake and Kalukango onstage are Henry Stram, Ian Lassiter, Charise Castro-Smith, Chivas Michael, Samuel Collings, Ash Hunter, Chukwudi Iwuji and Sarah Niles.center_img Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on March 23, 2014 The classic tale follows a man and a woman who have fallen desperately in love at the fringes of a war-torn empire. But for a soldier set to enforce the imperial will and the queen intent on throwing off the yoke of the empire, there is no place for personal desire. McCraney’s version transports us to 18th century Saint-Domingue on the eve of revolution.last_img read more

New Artists You Need to Hear

first_imgFolk revivalist Tre Burt brings back the blaring harmonica, primitive acoustic picking, and craggy vocals of old-school protest heroes like Woody Guthrie and early-era Bob Dylan. And he became directly associated with another songwriting icon back in January, when he released his debut album, “Caught It from the Rye,” on the recently departed John Prine’s label Oh Boy Records. Throughout the effort Burt exudes plenty of Prine’s enlightening blue-collar sentiments in sparse songs like “What Good,” a country-blues meditation on the passing of time. But with his traditional delivery, he’s largely focused on singing about social ills, rebuking wealth inequality in the powerful “Undead God of War” and lamenting the country’s persisting divisiveness in “Only Sorrow Remains.”   This quintet from Richmond, Va., is a well-oiled machine, mixing jazz, funk, rock, and hip-hop into a seamless blend of high-energy groove music. The group has honed its sound through their well-reputed live throwdowns—sharing stage time with the likes of Kamasi Washington and Galactic—but with touring in limbo, earlier this fall they went ahead and released a new studio album, “#Kingbutch.” The record often goes retro, exploring the territory of Parliament Funkadelic and Herbie Hancock’s “Head Hunters,” and the space-soul jams also travel into the realm of 90s rap via the refreshing rhymes of MC Marcus “Tennishu” Tenney, who leads the hard-hitting title track. Fusion can be indulgent, but these guys flex their chops while taking it to an impressive level of fun.  Tre Burt  Butcher Brown From a folk revivalist to an emerging jazz-funk band, check out these new acts on the rise. It goes without saying that these artists will have limited performance options in the near future, so consider supporting them by purchasing a physical album.   Back in April, S.G. Goodman released a stellar debut album, “Old Time Feeling,” produced by fellow Kentuckian Jim James of My Morning Jacket. Like the Jacket’s early sound, Goodman blends Southern roots music with raw garage rock, but all of her songs are emphasized by her dynamic voice, which features a vibrant bluegrass warble that recalls the pioneering clarion earthiness of Hazel Dickens. On her new album, Goodman shares the struggles of growing up as a farmer’s daughter and coming out as a gay woman in the rural South, but she also carries a message of instilling positive change. In the title track, a gritty, distorted barn-burner, she sings, “The Southern state is a condition, it’s true/ I’ve got a little proposition for you/ Stick around and work your way through/ Be the change you hope to find.”  S.G. Goodmancenter_img Kendall Street Company This emerging outfit from Charlottesville, Va., is a top prospect in a field of new young jam bands. Led by singer-songwriter Louis Smith, the quintet blends feel-good pop songcraft with experimental elements of psychedelic rock, and since forming in 2013 the group has gradually built a loyal fan following while sharing stages with the likes of Umphrey’s McGee and Leftover Salmon. Last month the band released “The Stories We Write for Ourselves,” a new studio album co-produced by Scott Gordon (Ringo Starr, Alanis Morissette). While “Go On” showcases the group’s instrumental prowess, with a hard-hitting, horn-driven breakdown, lead single “Lady in Green” resonates with the present moment, as Smith sings about overcoming adversity and looking forward to better days ahead.  49 Winchester Isaac Gibson—leader of up-and-coming southwestern Virginia outfit 49 Winchester—channels plenty of Chris Stapleton’s lived-in grit in “Everlasting Lover,” a twangy, homesick ballad that leads off the country-rock band’s third album, “III.” Throughout the effort, the group covers even more familiar ground that will please fans of Southern roots heroes like Tyler Childers and Drive-By Truckers, but there’s plenty of originality here, too. With his hearty voice, Gibson offers compelling takes on the rural grind in songs like “Hays, Kansas” and “Long Hard Life,” and in “The Road Home” he sings from the perspective a hard-working musician missing his better half. He’s probably wishing he could play that one for a rowdy bar crowd right about now.last_img read more

Identify and overcome procrastination tendencies

first_img 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Procrastination is something we’re all guilty of. There are only so many hours in a day to get things done, and it’s easy to push things off if we’re feeling rundown or uninspired – especially if we’re not looking forward to the task.A recent article from Fast Company dives into research from psychologist and success coach Dr. Linda Sapadin, who’s identified procrastination personality types. As a leader, it’s important to understand which type of procrastinator you are and also which types your direct reports are so you can help them work through it.Here are the six procrastination personalities from Sapadin and ways to overcome these tendencies:The Perfectionist: This type of procrastinator puts things off because they expect too much from themselves. They don’t want to start a project until they feel they have what they need to complete it. Or they don’t finish it because they don’t think it’s good enough. Implementing time constraints will help this procrastinator finish projects in a timely manner. continue reading »last_img read more